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Красный Strappy Shoulders Floral Motif Перфорированный Body Stockings

1383 руб. 576 руб.
Вы экономите: 807 руб. (59%)
Артикул:  LC79440-2
Материал: Нейлон+Спандекс
Цвет: Красный
Вес продукта: 0.1 kg
Another body stockings by Dear-Lover impresses original design, and attention to detail. It has a fairly deep neckline and numerous straps, which look very interesting and appealing. Floral pattern allows you to mask any imperfections silhouettes, in addition to sets clear limits on specific parts of the body stockings. In this way, we obtain a non-trivial unit, which in addition to perfect fit and fun design, provides the appropriate highlight the feminine curves without excessive to shock literal nakedness. Add to this a convenient crack in the step and dress for hot nights ready.

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