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Stunning Sequined Heart Grey Подвязки T-shirt

2460 руб. 1025 руб.
Вы экономите: 1435 руб. (59%)
Артикул:  LC25839-11
Вес продукта: 0.16 kg
Stunning Sequined Heart Подвязки T-shirts punk princesses unite! The sequined shirt is the go to shirt when you trying to look cute while you thrashing away in that mosh pit. Don’t be fooled by the simple color and design, this t-shirt is ready to raise hell all night. The attached Подвязки belt and eye-catching I Love heart sequins on the front makes it clear that no one is gonna mess with you, unless you want them to. Cheap dropship womens clothing from factory directly benefit all the resellers a lot.  Features

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