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Feminine Multi Strap Floral Перфорированный Body Чулки

1381 руб. 553 руб.
Вы экономите: 829 руб. (60%)
Артикул:  LC79373
Материал: Нейлон+Спандекс
Цвет: Черный
Вес продукта: 0.1 kg
An ultra-light and stretchy body Чулки designed to ensure comfort and elegance. Dress yourself in an exciting variability of flirtatious patterns inspiring the senses. Special attention should be paid to the shoulder straps taking the form of sensual cut-out. Fishnet tights on the legs make the silhouette seem taller and the Чулки form enables to choose virtually any shoes to complement your hot image. Thanks to the open parts of your garment, you can wear it all the time and use many times. The floral pattern from your breasts to the waist attracts the eye and intrigues.

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